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We’re excited to announce that Ignitor Digital is officially launched!  Born from the obvious need for small-budget online marketing services, Mary Bowling and Carrie Hill have teamed up to offer focused SEO, Local Website Marketing, Social Media and Email Marketing help to small businesses around the country and abroad.

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After spending years together at an agency, and a few years pursuing separate projects – the market and the demand aligned in a way that it made perfect sense to bring our talents together into an agency with a specific purpose.  At Ignitor, the focus is moving the needle for small and local businesses right away.  No lengthy periods of research, no automated software that everyone is dumped into.  The goal is to review the assets each business has, and the potential in their local market – and devise action items that make a difference right away.

First – let me say that I am thrilled at the opportunity to work with Mary again.  We were co-workers at an agency years ago – we’ve lived just 20-minutes from each other for years – and now we’re taking this leap together to fill a need in the market that we’ve both been concerned about for a long time.  I’m confident that with Mary’s Local Search and SEO experience, and my knowledge of architectural SEO, Social Media and Email Marketing, Ignitor Digital clients are going to receive top-notch service and advice to get their online marketing going in the right direction.

Carrie Hill, Co-Founder, Ignitor Digital

Small and very small businesses are struggling to get help with online marketing.  They have limited budgets that just don’t make them a fit for a mid-to-large agencies radar.  Agencies with offices have overhead – things like administrative staff, tools, programming costs – Ignitor doesn’t have any of those problems – so our rates stay affordable, we work efficiently and deliver quality services based on our long-time industry involvement and knowledge.

The smaller the business, the more help it needs with its Internet marketing. But little businesses, especially those just getting started have little  budgets, so they have a very hard time getting the assistance they need. Carrie and I are focused on quickly providing them with meaningful improvements in their online ROI at a price they can afford.

Mary Bowling, Co-Founder, Ignitor Digital

Beyond providing services directly to small businesses – we are dedicated to becoming a trusted referral source for agencies looking to send small leads to a solid and trusted team or white-labeling our work for agencies who are struggling to deliver services in a timely manner.

If you’re wondering what the first step is to improving online marketing, give us a call.  If you’re an agency looking for some help, or a referral resource, get in touch with us, we’re happy to talk about how we can assist you.

Welcome to Ignitor Digital
Carrie Hill
Carrie has been working in SEO and Online Marketing since 2006 - she brings a passion for search and a desire to know more to every project she participates in. Carrie is a noted speaker and writer about a variety of topics, including Schema protocols, Google Analytics, Local Search and more. When she's not digging heavily into search & online marketing issues - you can find Carrie in her kitchen or possibly sitting on the porch with a cup of tea, a book, and her 4 dogs.

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