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Local SEO: 10 SERP Features SMBs can Influence


Carrie: I was honored to join Joy Hawkins, Jesse McDonald and Tim Capper in this SEMRush webinar that outlines SERP features any SMB can influence.

Reality Check: Adapting to Google’s Ever-Growing Control of the Search Experience | Street Fight


Carrie: Mike Blumenthal and David Mihm discuss the increased pervasiveness of zero click search and Google’s control of every users search experience, regardless of intent.

Google Exposed User Data, Feared Repercussions of Disclosing to Public – WSJ


Carrie: Google+ is going away, but the “why” is a bit ambiguous. Google says its due to low adoption, oh “and a security breach.”  Definitely something to be aware of.

Video Deep Dive: Scoring Google as Your New Home page – An Agency View


Carrie: This is a great deep dive that outlines how our friend Andy Simpson uses the Google Brand Score tool from LocalU to baseline and show growth in local visibility to clients!

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The Local Lowdown from Ignitor Digital – Oct. 12
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