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Why Clunky Sites (Often) Punch Above Their Weight in the Local Search Results |


Carrie: Your competitor’s site is ugly, slow, and probably old, but why are they ranking better than you? Sometimes, there are other factors at play.

5 local SEO myths and misconceptions that Will. Not. Die. – Search Engine Land


Carrie: We’re still hearing clients come to us with these tactics, because they heard them from “another local SEO person.” Do yourself a favor, read up and understand – it’s a myth – your suite number doesn’t matter to Google!

How To Convert Local Searchers Into Customers With Reviews – Whitespark


Mary: This is Darren Shaw from Whitespark’s Mozcon 2018 session in blog format. Great information on how to use reviews to gain new business!

The August 1, 2018 Google Update strongly affected YMYL sites.


Mary: Websites in the medical/nutrition/diet field were impacted greatly. These “your money or your life” often have low-quality content and this update is said to support Google’s “E-A-T” preference (Expertise – Authority – Trustworthiness.) This article outlines Marie Haynes research into what was affected.

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The Local Lowdown from Ignitor Digital – August 9
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