I LikeBeing active on Facebook is more than just having a page that people can find.  A successful small business social media community asks questions, and most importantly can get questions answered.

The truth is, even the smallest business cannot afford to ignore social media in this age of connectivity

Almost 70% of internet users use social media sites. Source: Manta, 2012

We approach social media as a tool, as well as an opportunity.  The most important first step is to find the network that works best for your business.  If you sell power tools to carpenters, Pinterest may not be the ideal choice for you.  We work to find the best fit for your business, sometimes that’s one network, sometimes it’s more than one.

79% of US Twitter users are more like to recommend brands they follow
67% of US Twitter users are more likely to buy from brands they follow

Source: Hubspot , 2011

Communication and community building is the key to a successful Social Media campaign.  If you’re not willing to invest the time yourself, or allow an employee to invest the time, success will be limited.  This communication medium is up and coming, and an internet user is more likely to complain online than speak to you in person

42 Percent of Consumers Complaining in Social Media Expect 60 Minute Response Time ~Convince and Convert, October 2012 

Consider this – your competition is probably already making a foray into social media, or they’re already there – can you afford to pass up on marketing to 70% of internet users?

90% of small businesses have an online social media presence.
53% of them feel that online campaigns are as important as in-person marketing.
78% of small to medium businesses gained a quarter of their new customers via online campaigns.

Swipely Blog, April 2013

 Can you afford to be left behind?