As a small business, we know your resources are limited. You need to spend in ways that will help you thrive online sooner, rather than later.

You’re continually approached with all kinds of offers for internet marketing services and don’t really know who you can trust. After all, your job is running your business, not internet marketing. So how can you tell what to do or know how to do it?

With 19 years of combined, hands-on experience in online marketing, we’ve watched many of these hard-sell companies come and go and know that very few of them provide valuable services at a reasonable price to companies that have a small budget to work with.  Most use totally automated software and/or off-shore workers or they simply provide a single service that may or may not be what your business needs.

Ignitor Digital does it differently! We’re dedicated to providing real value at a price the little guy or gal can actually afford. Our recommendations will zero in on quickly maximizing your potential and help you to start making money online.


Starting with a review of your online presence, your digital assets, and your competition allows us to find the best opportunities for your business to gain more customers from the internet as quickly as possible.

It’s hard for us to say exactly what will be included in your Website review, because it is completely customized for each business.  For some enterprises, we may see email marketing as a sweet spot for gaining new customers. For others, it may be getting listed in specific online directories that have proven valuable for others in your industry.  Some businesses may benefit most from website optimization, while the best opportunity for others may be marketing activities on social networks or via paid advertising at a price point of their choosing.

We’ll figure that out for you and guide you on how to accomplish it!


In a nutshell, knowledge, expertise and proven hands-on experience!

  • Expertise in all areas of search and online marketing gained from unquenchable thirst for knowledge and continual, dedicated immersion in our industry.
  • Experience gained by marketing hundreds of small businesses online.
  • Efficient work habits and focused, well- organized processes.
  • Close collaboration and trust in each other’s abilities and expertise.

We want to prove ourselves to you!  Once you start experiencing success online, we believe you’ll come back to us for more advice and help.