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Upload Video to Google Maps Listings by Mike Blumenthal

The ability post video to a business listing or place listing was mentioned last week and appears to be released. For now the video can only be uploaded by Local Guides using Android Maps but the videos will be visible from search everywhere.


SEO and Voice Search Goes Together Like Sardines and Peanut Butter by Andrew Shotland

I hate to break it to everyone, but voice search is not good. …not good in terms of being able to consistently provide answers to search queries in ways that are sensical and replicable. I get it, it’s super fascinating and future tech to be able to interact with a machine via your voice.

Is Google Going to Remove the 3-Packs?  by Joy Hawkins

There have been rumors flying around everywhere about if Google plans on making the 3-pack completely paid so I asked them. The current answer is no. They are showing ads in the 3-pack now on both desktop and mobile and they are rolling out Home Service Ads pretty rapidly but neither of these efforts are removing the traditional 3-pack or making the entire thing paid.


Optimized store landing pages: by Tony Edward

How can brick-and-mortar stores improve the online experience for both users and search engines? Search Engine Land Columnist Tony Edward says the key lies in strong local landing pages.


What We’re Reading in Local Search
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