I was lucky enough to be invited to present & attend Pubcon in Las Vegas this week.  Mary stayed home this trip because she’s off to LocalUAdvanced next week and back-to-back trips are grueling!  The content shared was amazing and as always the conference was top-flight.  If you’re going to pick one conference to attend, this is the one!

I presented a dual session with Bill Slawski of GoFishDigital on Wednesday, my topic was Schema Basics and New Offerings, while Bill discussed Topic Modeling – which was fascinating!  I’m going to share my slides below but if you’d like to look on Slideshare, check out Schema Markup Basics – Pubcon 2017.

I was super excited to hear Schema and Semantic Search mentioned in probably 90% of the sessions I attended this year.  I think adoption rates are coming up – but confidence in the validation and correctness of your markup is still low.

And also – straight from the Google:


Here are some more takeaways for you:

HTTPS is a must at this point.  It’s time to get it done, no matter how painful.

I haven’t tested this yet, but Marie Haynes says that adding the “Question” in an H3 can help.

There was a lot of talk about Featured Snippets and Answer Boxes – I think at least 3 or 4 sessions addressed them directly.  There were also some that said the website is dead, because Google’s goal to give the answer in the search results is limiting the click-through. Here are some other tips that are worth checking out:

  • Write slightly longer descriptions/answers so you get an ellipse in the answer box/featured snippet – this encourages the click-through.  Eric Enge, StoneTemple.com  (Be sure to tease the answer into the beginning of the content, but don’t 100% deliver in the first 150 characters)
  • If you see your regular SERP snippet has more than 2 lines of text, it can be an indicator that you’re close to getting the answer box result for that page. – Eric Enge
  • Optimize for voice search will also help you optimize for Google featured snippets. – Katy Katz, MarketingRefresh.com
  • Google doesn’t want to produce recommendations on how to get featured snippets because they’re still so volatile. Gary Illyes, Google.com
  • Coach your copywriters to think “Featured Snippets” as they produce content. – Christine Churchill, KeyRelevance.com

And as a reward for making it to the bottom of my post, here are the slides for my presentation!

Pubcon 2017 Round Up
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