We are a different kind of marketing company.


Many small local businesses have been solicited by companies who make big promises about “traffic to your website” or “likes on your Facebook page.”  You probably figured out fairly quickly that this is garbage.

We’re different.  Our goal is to review your assets and your interests, evaluate your niche and your customer – and help you develop some activities that will move the needle now, not down the road, not after you invest thousands of dollars.Who decided more traffic or more likes are really what you need?  How do you make that decision? You’re buried under information, but who do you trust?

Our Online Marketing Audits are designed to evaluate the online presence, give you some pointers on things you can do to help yourself, and determine the right direction to take your online marketing.  Every business and business owner is different – not everyone can fit on a platform or get crammed into that one-size-fits-all agency plan.  There are so many things you can do to help your business – we help you find the best pieces and maximize your potential with proven best practices and techniques that will make a difference.  We review your current website, the marketing done to date, and compare what has been done against tasks and tactics we know will move the needle for your business.  We then create a document that can be used as a marketing plan over the next 6-12 months.  We prioritize tasks into easy to follow Red, Yellow and Green priority – designed to help you understand what needs to be done right away – and what can be placed further down the “to do” list.

Our review may include tasks related to Local Search, On & Off Page Search Engine Optimization, Website Architecture and Structure, Conversion Optimization, Social Media, Email Marketing and more.  We determine what tasks are right for you and your business via a questionnaire we ask all partners to complete so we have an understanding of your time and budget constraints.  Our audits start at $1,900 for a single location, and may increase based on number of issues, size or website, locations or other mitigating factors.  Give us a call to discuss YOUR audit today.

We love all small businesses, and we know there is a time and place for all types of marketing activities.  Let us take a look at your website and help you decide if your best course of action is Email Marketing, or maybe you are really social and your business is a great fit for Social Media.  If you rely on walk-in customers, Local Online Marketing could be your ticket to growth.

Whatever your business, there’s a marketing avenue that will fit – we’ll help you find it.