mlandHowdy everyone!  My article at MarketingLand today introduces a new Local Area Google Analytics Dashboard that I built for local businesses.  Previously we talked about a Local Search dashboard released by that shows traffic from local websites and directories.  I wanted to fine-tune this concept and see traffic from people who are IN your location.  If you’re a small business, brick and mortar or service area contractor, knowing who in your local “zip codes” are visiting your website, and what pages they’re visiting, is pretty important.

You can get the step-by-step instructions to install this Local Google Analytics dashboard in the Marketing Land post, but I also shot a video to show you how to set this up for yourself.  There are 2 dashboards available, one for those who track revenue with their website, and one for those who do not.  If you do track revenue, you might still want to look at the non-revenue dashboard as the bounce rate information is great to have as well.

This dashboard requires a step BEFORE you install it – because everyone’s geographic location is different, I cannot build a dashboard that includes that variable.  Hence, I show you how to create a Custom Advanced Segment for your “Metro” area.  Every state in the US is broken down into Metros in Google Analytics – Florida has 5 or 6 metros – Colorado has 2, etc.  By creating a dashboard, then applying your specific “Metro” you’re seeing local traffic – Local EYES – to your website.  You could also set a custom advanced segment by “City” if you wanted to narrow things down a bit more than just your Metro area.

The video below shows how to create the Custom Advanced Segment, and how to install the Dashboard and Apply that segment.  Hope you find it useful!

Get the Local Area Website Traffic & Analytics Dashboard – With Revenue by clicking here

Get the Local Area Website Traffic & Analytics Dashboard – NO Revenue by clicking here

Video: How to track Local Area Visitors to your Website with Google Analytics

Learn how to track local area visitors to your website with Google Analytics

NEW: Local Area Visitors Google Analytics Dashboard
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2 thoughts on “NEW: Local Area Visitors Google Analytics Dashboard

  • July 30, 2013 at 1:50 pm

    When I try to view the Video: How to track Local Area Visitors to your Website with Google Analytics, it displays a message that the video is private. How do we go about getting access?

    • July 30, 2013 at 2:20 pm

      Hi Grant,
      Thanks for the heads up – it should be all set now! Can’t believe I forgot to make the video public!

      Thanks again,


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