LocalU logoAbout 4 years ago, David Mihm, Mike Blumenthal and I were all speaking about how to prosper online via local search at an SMX conference. We were opining how the small business people – the folks who could really benefit from the knowledge we were sharing – never attended these types of conferences.

We came up with the idea of holding short, inexpensive conferences specifically designed for small business owners and managers that concentrated on things they were able to do for themselves at little or no cost. We also felt it was critical to provide them with enough honest information about internet marketing to enable them to make good decisions when they were considering hiring a professional to help them.

Not long afterwards Ed Reese organized the first such seminar in Spokane, Washington and Local University, aka LocalU, was born. Since that time, we’ve held dozens of LocalUs all over the country and even one in Edmonton, Canada.

If you’d like to learn more about this amazing group of people I’m honored to be associated with and Local University’s mission and upcoming events, please see LocalU.org.

Helping Small Business Owners Via Local University
Mary Bowling
Mary brings 10+ years of search marketing to her position as co-founder of Ignitor Digital. She also brings a passion and thirst for knowledge that drives her to search tirelessly for answers to questions surrounding local search data consistency issues for our clients. When not completely immersed in the internet, you can find Mary enjoying and exploring Colorado - usually by floating down a river somewhere!

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