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I am, on some days, an amateur graphic artist – and on some days it’s all I can do to cobble together a graphic for a blog post.  A few years ago, if you wanted to build a great graphic for your blog posts you’d use Photoshop and that was that.  I’ll let you in on a little secret – I don’t use photoshop – never have, can’t seem to figure it out, and have not one spec of patience to learn.  I suspect someday I’ll need to take a class, but until then – there are plenty of online image editing programs that can do what I need done without a huge learning curve.

Here are my faves.

  • PicMonkey – LOVE this program.  100% web based and reminds me a lot of the old Picnik – which was my favorite until Google bought it and shut it down – absorbing it into their Google+ photo platform.  I do spend the money on a premium account at PicMonkey – it’s a whole $30 a year – and worth every cent! Create collages, Facebook Covers, Pinterest Images, Blog Post Graphics and more in just a few minutes.  Great font selection and you can even use fonts that are web-friendly and installed on your own computer.  Upload and overlay images and graphics in seconds.  Definitely worth a look.
  • Canva – SUPER fun image builder for social media campaigns and email marketing.  They have some trendy templates and color/layout combos that make your graphics look like a big design house built them.  They do offer some free images, upload your own, or pay about $1 apiece for great stock photos.
  • Prezi – I love this tool for creating visually stimulating presentations – but did you know you can also embed those moving presentations on your website? This is a really cool way to draw the eye and create compelling movement in your blog posts.

  • GraphicStock – not free – but worth the subscription if you seem to be using a lot of buttons and arrows and other stock graphics you cant ever seem to “find the right one.”
  • Social Media Image Maker helps you build profile and cover photos for all of your social media platforms.  This handy tool is great for rebranding or building your profiles for the first time.
Graphics for Social Media – Our 5 Favorite Tools
Carrie Hill
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