Finding the right things to measure, and the business metrics that made the most difference to your business isn’t as easy as opening up Google Analytics and clicking a report.  Its extremely easy to get lost in the weeds when it comes to analytics these days.

We can help.

Through careful implementation of tracking scripts, and a conversation with you and your team, we can help determine the top level reports that you need to look at, and set them up within your dashboard so they literally are just a click away.  We can also schedule them to be delivered directly to your inbox on a schedule – which makes it an easy reminder to take a look at how your marketing efforts are progressing.

If you’re spending money on marketing, and not tracking traffic to your website, how can you be sure of the return?

Screen Shot 2014-06-02 at 7.38.44 AMHere are just a few of the reports we can configure for you:

  • Online lead generation by geographical region and referrer
  • Mobile vs Desktop vs Tablet – which device brings more traffic and how does it convert
  • Paid Advertising keyword conversion report
  • E-commerce revenue report by week/month/quarter
  • Page engagement with scroll depth and call to action event tracking (see how much of your content is being read and which calls to action receive the most clicks)
  • Local vs. Social vs. Organic vs. Paid  – which channels are converting