Unfair Advantage BookI first started in online marketing at a small agency. On the first day on the job I was given Planet Ocean’s manual on Search Engine Marketing to study and keep as a handy reference as I was being trained. It was intriguing and enlightening and started me on my path as an SEO and internet marketer.  The book has now been updated and revised 216 times and over the years I’ve continued to rely on it to provide solid information and keep me apprised of changes.

Now, you can get a free copy of the latest version of this valuable resource, The Unfair Advantage Book on Winning the Search Engine Wars, directly from Planet Ocean.  Whether you’re completely new to SEO, an old hand who’d like a concise refresher, or someone who feels that things are changing more quickly than you can keep up with,  you’ll be doing yourself a favor by downloading your free copy today. Enjoy!

(Note: I write about Local Search for SearchEngineNews, another Planet Ocean publication.)

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Mary Bowling
Mary brings 10+ years of search marketing to her position as co-founder of Ignitor Digital. She also brings a passion and thirst for knowledge that drives her to search tirelessly for answers to questions surrounding local search data consistency issues for our clients. When not completely immersed in the internet, you can find Mary enjoying and exploring Colorado - usually by floating down a river somewhere!

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