looking_animatedMany clients come to us with a small budget and a less than ideal website situation.  Don’t worry, we can help!   By creating a small business email marketing services that engage your potential clients and pull them into a Facebook page or even your Google Local Business listing, you’re still meeting customer needs without investing thousands in a new website first.

Our tactics follow industry Spam-Free guidelines.  We will never buy a marketing list.  We approach email collection holistically by encouraging our customers to collect from existing walk in customers, or collecting via their social media outlets.

We can also collect from your website if possible

We work with multiple email marketing platforms, but we prefer and recommend Constant Contact.  Mary and Carrie are certified trainers on the platform, and they offer competitive rates and unparalleled customer service.

Ignitor can help you create, test, and fine tune campaigns with a combination of Google Analytics campaign tracking and Constant Contact dashboard information. Learn now they can help you today.

Couple stellar safe industry practices with proven and trackable tactics, we work to send a professional representation of your business to customers.  But we don’t stop with the initial send.  We follow up with additional blasts to customers who haven’t read the previous one.  This expands the reach of one email newsletter beyond just a “send it and forget it” attitude.

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