ctct logoWe’ve put together a pre-send email marketing checklist for you to use to ensure your next email marketing blast is checked, double and triple checked before you press send.  There’s nothing like the sinking feeling you get when you press send THEN notice a typo or misstatement!

Make sure you can answer yes to every single one of these questions before you start.

Who is sending the blast?

  • Have you included your brand name in the FROM line?  Simply having an email address like “sales@yourdomain.com” doesn’t tell the reader much, make sure your From line includes your brand name.

Check your subject line

  • Is it 5-8 words, no more than 40 characters?
  • Do you answer the reader’s question “what’s in it for me?”
  • Have you included your brand name if your “from” line does not?
  • Does it instill the sense of urgency that will help sell your product or service?
  • Does it Avoid spam triggers?  The word “free” is a bad one, as is excessive punctuation.

Your Email Copy:

  • Is your blast content interesting? You have seconds to grab the reader’s attention, be sure you do so.
  • Have you personalized the blast? Make sure you’re addressing the recipient directly.
  • Is your call to action or the desired action you’d like the reader to take clear and concise?
  • Is the benefit of your service or product clearly available to the reader? Does it save them Time? Does it save them money?
  • Have you used appropriate graphics while also making good use of white space?
  • Did you use descriptive alt text in your images? Remember, they don’t load right away, so you need to use this alt description space to grab attention.  I like to put phone numbers in the alt description of the first image on the page, along with a call to action or a description of the product or service you’re highlighting!

Finally, before you press send:

  • Have you run the Constant Contact spam checker through your blast and subject lines?  This can alert you to any potential yellow or red flags in your copy that could send it to the spam folder.
  • Do you have tracking in place? In Constant Contact you can name your campaign and it will add campaign tracking for you. If you don’t use Constant Contact, be sure you’ve used the Google URL builder so you can assign Source, Medium & Campaign variables to your blast.
  • Can you handle the volume of responses from your blast? Don’t send your blast on Friday afternoon when your office is closed for 2 days!
  • Have you send yourself a proof and read through every word thoroughly?  Make sure at least TWO sets of eyes have reviewed your copy for mistakes.
  • Does every link work properly? Click on all of them to make sure.
  • Have you edited both the HTML AND the text version? Both need to be edited every time you create a blast! Create your text version right before you send so you don’t have to keep recreating it.
  • Are you sending 2 versions? Split testing your marketing copy, or your subject lines, can help you understand what messaging resonates with your audience!

We know, this is a lot to remember!  We can help you with your email marketing and create effective and converting email blasts – give us a call today!

Email Marketing Checklist
Carrie Hill
Carrie has been working in SEO and Online Marketing since 2006 - she brings a passion for search and a desire to know more to every project she participates in. Carrie is a noted speaker and writer about a variety of topics, including Schema protocols, Google Analytics, Local Search and more. When she's not digging heavily into search & online marketing issues - you can find Carrie in her kitchen or possibly sitting on the porch with a cup of tea, a book, and her 4 dogs.

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