SEL-1-4-14-pic-1-300x301There are a plethora of different ways to create marketing campaigns.  Big brands spend huge pots of money on focus groups and demographic research just to create the profile of a person they can market to.  As a small business – that type of budget is completely out of reach – but using data to create marketing campaigns is not.

Last week at I wrote a post about using Google Analytics to create marketing campaigns.  What I love about this idea is that it is 100% scalable.  Very small businesses can use it – and huge corporations can as well.  Creating campaigns based on data from your analytics account is fairly simple – if you know what to look for.

This method outlines a set of data to look at – and how to format it into a matrix that can help you build a campaign that should convert fairly well.  The example matrix from the post is below:

ml matrix

From this data we know that we can build an email marketing campaign that focuses on females aged 35-44 that love beach rentals in key west – since our target is spring break, and we know we need a 35-45 day booking window – we should send our blast 45-50 days before spring break starts, and do at least 2 follow up blasts as we get closer to the 35 day booking window.  We can target the northern states if we have that data available in our email marketing list so we can appeal to those more likely to book a beach getaway for a Spring vacation.

This data, and matrix, have taken a lot of gamble and guesswork out of building campaigns – there is a place for gambling – but if you need some sure wins, this is the way to get them.  Not only is this data helpful – one of the commenters at MarketingLand created a Google Analytics Dashboard that pulls this info into an easy to find place – just set the date once you load it and you’re set!  Get the dashboard here:

Creating Campaigns From Google Analytics Data – A How To
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