Ignitor Digital is lucky enough to have some great clients.  We’re also very appreciative of their kind words about our founders and our products. Here are just a few amazing testimonials from past and present clients!

I want to thank you for shooting straight with me regarding my local real estate business model. I needed to hear the honest truth and get some expert advice and that's what you gave me. It was hard for me to admit my idea wasn't the best. But I took it to heart and have pivoted my strategy and am now on track with a much better plan.

Your honest input really made me pressure test my model, and I found a much better one as a result. I'm really excited about the future here. We are focussing on first time home buyers, and we are in the process of perfecting this in a scalable way. Right now things are looking pretty good.

Robert Real Estate Professional Eagle Mountain , UT June 20, 2016

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Mary, I just wanted to say thank you for speaking at the 2015 National Estate Sale Conference this past week. I had many attendees come up to me later in the day to say thank you for having someone speak on local SEO. They really enjoyed your session and I believe got many actionable items they can take home and accomplish. It is obvious that you are an expert in the field. I really appreciate you tailoring your presentation to our audience. That was extremely helpful. Thanks again and I can't wait to hear you speak at MozCon next week!

Micky McQuade
CEO, EstateSales.NET

Micky McQuade CEO, EstateSales.net Reviewed: Mary Bowling - Local Search Conference Speaker July 6, 2015

snowmass logo

Ignitor Digital recently came and presented an educational seminar covering local optimization to many of our lodging, dining, and retail business owners. As a small community our Google Local SERPs are sorely lacking simply because of the small volume of information Google has to choose from. Ignitor Digital’s presentation was full of valuable tips on how the local businesses can share their accurate information with Google. Overall, the seminar was very valuable to our community and we are excited to see what impact we can have in the local SERPs for our popular search terms. Thanks Mary and Carrie!

Cristin Oldenburg Marketing Manager - Snowmass Tourism Local Search Seminar Review December 11, 2013

ccnc-logoJust wanted to drop you a line and thank you again for setting up my account.  I just finished up working with my first new client generated directly from the Google Ad that you setup for my company, and am very happy with the initial results.

Steve Cianfrone CCNCLabs.com Very Pleased with PPC Setup September 19, 2013


Overall, I found it [..the review] to be very helpful and easy to implement.  I can tell you really read and analyzed the site....now I have a roadmap to make big and incremental (future) changes.  I am very appreciative of your time and expertise.  Your clients will love your work.

I love that you:

  • Provided rationales for changes along with easy-to-read TO DO section for each major category
  • Your language is clear and each to understand
  • Included links when you recommended other resources (such as Google Analytics)
  • Listed many suggested keywords for my industry along with the stats on searches and competition…your data on that chart was very impactful.
  • Created several real meta descriptions and page title examples (that made sense) to replace my existing ones.
  • Specified changes to my blog (which IS a bit of a mess)
  • Suggested other forms of marketing/advertising such as the local directories, email marketing and search options


Cherylann Occhipinti Campbell, PHR C2 HR Solutions - C2HRSolutions.com

Cherylann Occhipinti Campbell, PHR Owner, C2 HR Solutions Small Business Online Marketing Review August 7, 2013



The most useful part to me is the way you wrote out the Meta descriptions for me. Saves me a ton of time and ensures that it gets done right. The other, overall, very helpful thing was the simplicity of the language that you used. There weren't any technical words that threw me off or made me want to stop reading. Love this. The text has a friendly vibe to it.

Liza Wilson Owner, Toybrary of Austin Boost Online Marketing Audit Review - Liza Wilson - Toybrary Austin June 19, 2013

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As a SCORE mentor I am very protective of the small businesses I mentor therefore I am very selective in my recommendations. I can with enthusiasm endorse Carrie and Mary at IgnitorDigital! They have won my trust. They have provided my SCORE clients with expert timely marketing information and solutions to assist them. Starting a business is hard work and there is much to learn. IgnitorDigital helps them analyze and prioritize. They pay particular attention to detail and they listen to their customer. They provide an invaluable service to my SCORE clients.

Celia Bell - SCORE Austin Mentor Small Business Local Marketing Audit June 19, 2013