HandshakeLets face it, linkbuilding has changed so drastically, we can’t even really call it linkbuilding anymore.  The free-for-all, low-quality directory submission sites don’t work anymore and they can actually hurt your site these days. Over the past couple of years Google has devalued blog commenting, article directories, online press releases and even some guest blogging tactics. So what does work? Brand building!

Brand building is much like the old school marketing and PR we did before the advent of the internet.  It’s building your brand through associations, connections and referrals. You can build trust and name recognition by being involved in your industry and in your community. You can rank better and gain more new customers by making sure Google sees the results of those efforts online.

Finding opportunities is not easy or cheap anymore.  In depth research around your industry and your local area(s) is the key.  Some brand and trust building opportunities might be:

  • A criminal defense attorney sponsors a local Mothers Against Drunk Driving 5k run
  • A pediatrician sponsors a community vaccination clinic
  • A car dealership offers free emissions testing on a specific day
  • A photographer gets involved in a photography forum and sponsors a category where they also answer user questions
  • A dentist visits area elementary schools to teach kids good brushing habits
  • An urgent care clinic sponsors the high school’s hockey team
  • A fitness club offers a discount to veterans

These opportunities might result in a great link, they might result in a no-follow link or they might result in just a mention of the company or its people in a local newspaper or on a local website.  All of these are great for trust and brand building.  While a good link is our ideal goal, if we don’t get it, we’re still building your name recognition and opportunity to attract new customers.

Cleaning up your linking profile and moving ahead with the new link building techniques takes a certain set of skills and the willingness to roll up your sleeves and do the hard work of obtaining good links and new customers from various sources. Many large agencies aren’t prepared for the time-intensive work involved in trust and brand building campaigns, but Ignitor Digital is.

Ignitor Digital does not outsource any of our work. Every piece is done by Carrie and Mary or one of their local trusted associates.  There are no platforms or programs or lists of irrelevant directories – just hard work and research to find you the best types of opportunities available and reach out to make them happen.