Not just for travel – but we can see this as an amazing feature for Travel Industry Marketers!

This morning Pinterest released a new features that will allow businesses to create a “rich pin” that also includes the address and phone number of not only their location, but businesses in their general area.  The impetus was to make Pinterest more useful for the Travel Industry – and we can see this happening in a big way.

Place Pins can make a small hotel seem much more appealing than their big chain neighbors, by offering that extra piece of information to potential guests.  As a travel business, you are not only trying to attract users to your city, you’re trying to attract them to stay in your facility – be it a bed and breakfast, inn, hotel or even a Vacation Rental.  By offering potential guests an easy, and fun, way to see the area attractions, restaurants, activities and more, a Pinterest board with Place Pins can be a great feature.

place pins

Check out the Place Pin board that The Four Seasons has built for their locations all across the world.  They’ve emphasized dining at the Four Season restaurants and have their locations featured in each pin, along with the specialty dish of that location.  This is a visual and content rich feature that ANY business could offer.  If you’re a hotel with great dining nearby, build a dining only board – if you have museums and historical attractions in your local – emphasize the history in the area and build your guests an “explorer map” right in Pinterest.  It’s a great way to provide value and save those guests time as they plan their getaway, vacation, or business trip.

Beyond travel, there are a ton of opportunities here.  If you’re a real estate agent you could build a board of homes for sale in specific neighborhoods.  A local restaurant could build a board for nearby attractions within walking distance of their establishment.  For business, providing MORE information in a format that users understand is the key.  Pinterest is growing exponentially  (check out this post on for more information about growth and reach on Pinterest!) and many of the shoppers and buyers in today’s society use Pinterest to collect information prior to their purchase, place pins are a way for Local businesses to play on equal footing and provide concierge services when they may not have had the manpower or resources to do so in the past.

There are a whole host of uses here, I’d love to see TOurism and Convention and Visitor Bureaus get on board with this as well!  This is such a great way to provide helpful information to your potential guests and visitors.

How’s it work?

You can add a map to an existing board, or add it when you create a new board.  Just turn the “Map” feature on at the board level:

add a map


Then you can edit pins, or create new ones – and include map data:

yosemite 1


Then search for the location and add it to the pin:

yosemite falls


Now the pin is numbered, and shows up on the map:

Yosemite Falls 3

If you want help setting this up for YOUR business – let me know – I’d love to help out!

BIG News from Pinterest for the Travel Industry!
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