Agency Consulting

Sometimes you need a little help.  Maybe you have a customer that is asking for assistance in an area where you’re not a specialist and you need a bit of advice. Doctors get second opinions, why not marketers?.  You might want someone to take care of the website and marketing audit for you, so you can concentrate on building a strategy and executing a plan for your client.

We can help.

We have years of experience and a passion for marketing that can help you move that client forward. We’ll consult with you via email, Skype or phone – or provide a comprehensive audit document that you can put your own logo over and brand as yours.

Learn more about what Ignitor can bring to your business on the About Ignitor Digital page

Agency Referrals

We were previously employed by a medium-sized Search marketing Agency.  We KNOW  that there are clients that just don’t fit into your paradigm.  Their budgets are too small, or they operate outside of a niche you specialize in.

Because we understand that not everyone is a fit, we want to be there for you, to help out the people who might not work with your agency right now.  We are happy to pay a referral fee to you or your agency based on any business booked and paid for from a client you’ve sent our way.

Here are some details that might help you decide if Ignitor is right for your lead or customer:

  • We love a la carte work – not everything has to be a monthly payment on a 12-month contract
  • We don’t outsource or offshore our work.  We do it ourselves
  • We have really low overhead, so we spend clients’ money on things that will help right away
  • We don’t have automated platforms or programs to manage our clients’ marketing, we have experience, creativity, ideas and support for clients who can do a little or a lot of their own work.

You can either send us your lead, or mention our names to your customer – either way works…just have them let us know who sent them, and we’ll send you a “thank you” when we book the work and receive payment.