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Finding the right marketing goals for your business is challenging.  At Ignitor Digital, our job is to work with the assets you have to craft a marketing plan that will make a significant difference in your business right away.  

Business' and business owners have different goals and resources.  Your unique position cannot fit inside a one-size-fits-all marketing plan.  

We will review your assets, time availability, and budget - then we will turn that into a unique marketing plan that will make a difference in your business as quickly as possible.  We build this plan around you, not around software, models, platforms or applications.

Some examples of marketing assets you have but may not recognize are:

  • Email address list of current, past, or potential customers.
  • A great website with good content.
  • A dominant position in your locale.
  • A clean slate (are you brand new and want to start off on the right foot?)
  • A healthy Social Media presence, or the potential to have one.

No website? No Problem!  We can work without one, or help you build one inexpensively.

Small Budget? We can work with budgets as low as $700 a month, there is something valuable out there for you, we'll help you find it!

Our pledge to you: No applications. No automated dashboards or processes.  No slick talk. 


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